We have such a wide variety of frozen foods in our stores, you'll hardly need to shop anywhere else!

Our products

At Simply Frozen & Dairy, we stock a wide selection of carefully sourced, good quality frozen food at really affordable prices. The lists below are general stock lists – products may vary from store to store. And keep in mind, all products sold at our Philippi store are halal.


We have a wonderful range of seafood, including hake, kob, salmon, angelfish, yellowtail, kingklip, dorado, monkfish, butterfish, haddock, kippers, sole, fish cakes, nuggets and fish fingers.

Chicken and poultry

We stock an extensive chicken range, as well as duck and quail to really wow your guests! Baby chicken, braai pack, whole chicken, free range whole chicken, fillets, kebabs, wings, livers, burgers and a range of crumbed chicken goodies.


Our pork and beef products are top quality.
Pork: ribs, fillet, nuggets, steaklets, gammon, bacon.
Beef: burgers, sausage, mince, steak, oxtail.


If you really want to go all out, why not try one of these guys: ostrich, springbok, warthog, kudu, impala, blesbok, crocodile and rabbit. Check our Recipes page for ideas.

Prepared meals

Perfect for those nights when you really don’t have the energy or time to cook: lasagna, bobotie, cottage pie and a range of quiches.


Our variety of sweet and savoury titbits, perfect for any get-together; planned or unplanned, at least you know you have them in your freezer ready to heat. We stock spring rolls, samosas, tortilla wraps, waffles.

And let's not forget that sweet-tooth – choc pudding, sticky toffee pudding, malva pudding, tipsy tart and a range of frozen berries.

Frozen veg

Then it's back to basics to get those vitamins in: chips, beans, peas, carrots, corn, broccoli, mixed veg and stir-fry veg. No more wasting time chopping and preparing – these are ready to go!