We at Simply Frozen are dedicated to making your life easier and simpler with more time for the family.

Our philosophy at Simply Frozen & Dairy is, unsurprisingly, simple...

It's about spending less time at the check-out counter or bent over a hot stove and more time kicking a ball about with the kids, or catching up with an old friend. It's about being able to feed our families healthy, delicious food every day that doesn't cost us an arm and a leg. We believe we can have our cake and eat it – that's the essence of Simply Frozen & Dairy.

A while back now some clever people in white coats proved that not only are frozen fruit and veg as nutritious as fresh, but, over time, they are actually more nutritionally reliable than fresh. And that makes sense.

Within hours of being harvested, fruit and veg are already frozen, whereas the fresh variety you pick up at the supermarket will often have been picked whilst still unripe and then stored for several days, weeks or even months before you've even taken it home. This is why we believe you don't get fresher than frozen!

Furthermore, 'frozen' cuts out the chopping and scrubbing part of your preparation and saves you money, because you're wasting so much less. Whether it's your favourite boerie or a choice cut of venison; fish fingers and chips or a selection of spring vegetables; Friday night pizza or a gourmet meal, shopping at Simply Frozen & Dairy means you get to eat what you want, when you want.

We are here to make mealtimes easier for you, without breaking the bank!